Don’t hate the performance review ….

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3 Responses to Don’t hate the performance review ….

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  2. Jeff says:

    As I am reading this article and reflecting what has been a common practise in my work area – one thing is missing from the suggestion above.Where is the ownership and active participation of the employee? If the SMART goals are mutually agreed upon, mutually tracked and periodic review done thrughout the year, the performance appraisal will be mere be an enjoyable and relatively short summary or reflection over the past few months. I have done that with my staff for the past 10 years and it worked out wonderfully!

    • Hi Jeff. Thanks a lot for your comment. I totally agree – if performance management is a partnership and an every day occurance then an annual review should be a very straight forward discussion. But of course managers who haven’t put the work in year round dread the performance review discussion …

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